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    Gay Marriage Bill Passes in Maryland

    Maryland senate recently passed the gay marriage bill in one day, awaiting the governor’s signature next week. Although the final say will come from voters, this was a big step and is spurring other questions such as that addressing gay marriage in education. (JK)

    Republican Party = Radicals Only

    Maureen Dowd examines the radicals-only-need-apply state of the republican party, concluding that it is quickly becoming irrelevant and out of touch with the modern world. Dowd’s essay may be guilty of preaching to the choir, and it reads a little like wishful thinking, lacking the wariness that feminists, liberals and fans of civil liberties ought to feel to the tips of their toes. We may hope, however, that she’s got it right. (MK)

    But Aren’t Women’s Rights Human Rights?

    Women’s rights groups are criticizing Kenneth Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch, for neglecting women’s rights violations in an apparent rush to defend political Islam. (CJ)

    Sure, Mr. President, If You Really Want Me To

    The author of “Once Upon a Secret,” Mimi Alford, had an affair with President John F. Kennedy before she was old enough to vote. Having kept this story under wraps for almost 50 years, Ms. Alford now sets off a firestorm of gossip about its sordid details. “Once Upon a Secret” includes a couple of truly vile episodes in which the president humiliated Mimi by telling her to service other men sexually. But the first part of the book mostly presents her as a willing, star-struck participant who appealed to the president’s snobbery. “He just couldn’t resist a girl with a little bit of Social Register in her background,” she writes. (RS)

    Have Roles for Black Women Evolved in the Past 73 Years?

    This article discusses the film roles that Hollywood has offered to black women over the past 73 years. Roles have primarily consisted of maids and “mammy” figures. With the recent film, The Help, this hasn’t changed. The article points out that meanwhile, white women are seen playing characters with power in films. Why aren’t there more diverse roles available to black women? (RC)

    My Reaction To Merle Hoffman’s Intimate Wars

    My contribution to the intern newsletter this week is not an article, rather it is me expressing my thoughts one of FPs book, Intimate Wars by Merle Hoffman. When it came to the topic of abortion, I had never chosen a side. As a matter of fact, I usually avoided the topic altogether. When people brought it up in conversation, I preferred listening to other’s opinion rather than giving my own. Not because I felt uncomfortable, but partly because it had nothing to do with me. I had never had an abortion. I don’t know anyone who’s had an abortion so it really didn’t concern me. After reading Merle Hoffman’s book however, one thing stayed with me and it was this, “If you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything.” As a self-identified feminist, I have already chosen a side. Now as a self-identified pro-choice, I have chosen to take a stand. I believe that all women have the right to make their own choices about what happens in their lives and I believe that now with all my heart. I am proud of people like Merle and others who have dedicated their lives to making that possible. As a tribute to my stand (though rather small) I have decided to make abortion the topic of my Women’s Studies research paper this semester. What happens to women in countries where abortion is illegal? A lot apparently. (JS)

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