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    Femslash Can Save the World If We Let It →

    —Kate from Autostraddle advocates for more ladies loving ladies in fanfiction

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    Some people love to shut down people who talk about trans and intersex issues by saying that they’re “only 1% of the population” and thus can be ignored since they “aren’t statistically significant enough.”

    By that logic, we can now systematically ignore:

    • Redheads
    • The entire state of Rhode Island
    • Anyone who makes over $500,000 a year
    • Pacific Islanders
    • Australia

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    "[My editor] said you should write more like Hemingway. I wrote back that was impossible, I did not have the experiences of Hemingway which I considered to be not basically human, or spiritually enriching. My experiences were not primarily Fishing, Fighting, and Fucking."

    FP Author Meridel Le Sueur on the angry white male protagonist, or why women who love literature feel alienated from the books they’re told to love.

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    Roxane Gay, bad feminist and proud of it →

    Love her! Excite!

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    Woman live tweets IBM execs discussing why they don’t hire women, tries not to throw up

    Toronto-based editor Lyndsay Kirkham has started a firestorm this week after overhearing what was apparently an incredibly sexist conversation between IBM executives at lunch — and live-tweeting it.

    Unaware that they were transmitting sexist nonsense to cyberspace, the IBM executives openly discussed “why they don’t hire women.” If you take Kirkham’s account at its word, it actually gets way worse.

    But wait, there’s more Follow micdotcom

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    Inside Feminist Porn: How Women Finally Get To Be On Top →


    This article is a fantastic rundown of what feminist pornography is from the perspective of someone who had never heard of it before.

    Read the book that helped start this conversation, The Feminist Porn Book—if you purchase it from the Feminist Press’s website for today only there will be free US. shipping

    and remember that nothing is ever, 100% good or evil

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    "Growing up, I didn’t read novels by women. It’s not that I didn’t want to. It’s almost like I didn’t think that I needed to or, I guess, I didn’t know that I needed to. I was perfectly happy in a world contained by men. I adopted the posture of the brooding male as my own. I was Salinger, I was Kerouac, I was any male protagonist in a novel that one of my boyfriends recommended. I didn’t know that there was a specific female sadness so I was content with relating to a generalized one. And in a way, reading these novels was less of a way to relate and more of a way to learn how to be the type of girl that these male novelists liked. One of my first ambitions wasn’t to be a writer – it was to be a writer’s muse."

    Gabby Bess, in Dazed (via electric-cereal)

    It’s like our tendency to think of white male art as simply, a priori art, whereas art by women/poc is a sub-division of art, an experience from the borderlands

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    "A white college student from a private college goes into a poor neighborhood and volunteers four hours a week and that’s considered exemplary. [Whereas] a poor kid who lives in that community and takes care of all the kids in that neighborhood four hours every day is not seen as a volunteer."
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    It has to be something we create and purchase for.  Art by women, design by women, architecture by women, books by women, comics by women, magazines by women, and writing and art that does not support bad old stereotypes.  And not just women of your own color.  Trans women, LBQ women, WoallCs.  Experiment.  Venture.  Try.

    Don’t trash talk other women; talk them up.  Support women who have been victimized.  Don’t be part of the problem.  Disagree, yes, but with respect.  If other women behave badly, walk away.


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    Canadian music festival takes huge step against Native appropriation

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    From their announcement:

    For various reasons, Bass Coast Festival is banning feathered war bonnets, or anything resembling them, onsite. Our security team will be enforcing this policy.

    We understand why people are attracted to war bonnets. They have a magnificent aesthetic. But their spiritual, cultural and aesthetic significance cannot be separated.

    Bass Coast Festival takes place on indigenous land and we respect the dignity of aboriginal people. We have consulted with aboriginal people in British Columbia on this issue and we feel our policy aligns with their views and wishes regarding the subject. Their opinion is what matters to us.

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